Monday, 12 July 2010

The other Thank You Post

Hello you,

this is a short post to thank all who have written e-mails and commented on our blog. At the moment we have no real way of answering people directly other than adding a comment to the comment, so you will have to forgive us for this bulk thank you. We do think of you and value your friendship individually.

It is reassuring and warming to see that you are interested in following our adventures and to hear what you have to say. Sharing our stories is fun, knowing that they entertain and sometimes amuse you gives them reason to exist.

A very special thanks to Solange, Jonty and Alise, Charlotte, Adriana and Nonna Mina for their kind donations. We have been taken aback by your generosity.

Another special mention to Mamma, for her continual logistical and moral support. We can't wait for our Cappadocia encounter.

Big Love!

Isla & Pietro


Grace said...

Ah and we love you and thank you and wow don't you look even more beautiful than ever, happiness and love rules!! Can't wait to read your latest blogs now that I am house, cat, dog, fish and plant sitting with internet access woop woop!! xxx

Anonymous said...

And we miss you too. So amazing to be able to keep up with your adventures this way. Lots of people asking after you and I always point them this way. And did I say we miss you? xxxxxx juliette xxxxx

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