Sunday, 9 May 2010

YsRtdaY d SwEetSt gOodbYe 1 cuD eVer wiSh 4

Beautiful memories of departure: the excitement, the sadness, the great love felt for and from the people around us. A fantastic Colombian start thanks to the boys at Ground then off, hit the road.

Getting used to a fully loaded tourer is tough; there is a definite wobble coming from the front of my bike (Isla's seems better) and fast downhills at the moment feel like trying to rein in a bronco.. or a hippo with Parkinson's. Exhilarating, on the side of wild.

The panniers are fixed, no more popping out of the racks. Of course it was a 5 minutes operation, but it was only going to happen after we travelled a little with the new bags. I'm happy they were on mine rather than Isla's bike for the beginning of the trip. In Dieppe they promptly got fixed and haven't given us problems ever since (other than a lost hook insert many days later).

Boarding the ferry was rife with emotions. Almost not making it through the gates then cycling on the creaky ramps into the steel mouth of the behemoth. Full of yearning and beauty to see so many loved ones on the harbour's edge: running, waving, blowing kisses. Our hearts tore with joy and longing. Ships must be the ultimate in romantic departures. Time stretches. Slowly, almost painfully slowly people get smaller and smaller and further and further and further and further till you can look no more..

That day we received so many messages of encouragement and support, thank you all who have written to us, your messages will keep us warm on the more difficult days.

And thanks also to Dannyboy. The Avenue Verte was a smooth introduction to cycling in France. Flat, no car traffic and with an abundant array of patisseries along the way, the hunt for the best flan has indeed begun. This disused rail line was converted to a very pleasant cycle route, which will eventually stretch from London to Paris. Many of the very cute old stations along the way have been turned into homes. Some, so very beautiful are for sale. ½ hour drive on either side of a 4 hour ferry ride seems a very reasonable distance for a gorgeous country house. Same as driving to Somerset, only much cheaper and without the hassle of driving… Any takers?

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