Thursday, 13 May 2010

Varinfroy - La Ferté Gaucher

Isla: The last couple of days we've travelled through a patchwork of crops, broadbean, wheat and rapeseed. Long undulating roads stretching for miles ahead of us with swallows and swifts teasing me as I crawl up yet another hill. Yep, today was all about hills. As soon as we left our free camp site in a local fella's orchard we hit our first and it's been non-stop ever since.

Pietro: Started on a hill, finished on a hill. Isla did an extra hill when she got lost. Overall a fair bit of climbing and freewheeling (touched 63.9 km/h). Pleasant surprise in Jouarre where a local antiques & tat market was in full swing and the town happened to be beautiful too.

Wandering around town we peered into a crumbling old church with bright stained glass and found ourselves listening to four ladies singing in perfect harmony. Then we got carried away with the flow of people through the market where there were loads of stalls selling all sorts of tat which I would normally love to lay my hands on.. ah the bliss of not being able to carry any extra weight.

We pushed hard in the latter part of the day, while in the morning it still takes us hours to get going (3 hours today). Tomorrow we will try not losing time having breakfast and maybe even doing the washing up in the evening.

Cycling feels great: no aches or pains. The bikes feel nice too. A couple of days ago I tensioned my chain: a 5 minute operation, although a little more maintenance is still needed. Temperatures are still quite low, around the 7-8°C, and the difference between climbing and descending very marked. Both of us are still cycling with merino tops on, getting sweaty on the ascents and well frozen on the way down. I wonder what an Italian mama would think of all this?

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Grace said...

Oh the beauty of travelling light.....totally understand that one. Camp looks like our field out the back....!xxx

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