Saturday, 15 May 2010

Hermé - Aix en Othe

The fishermen did show up, just before 4 a.m. they started setting up, chatting and faffering. It was very noisy around us until we decided to let go of the paranoia of the bicycles getting nicked (everything else lives inside the tent) and popped some ear plugs in. The next morning we were again so taken by the beautiful spot that we soon forgot the restless night. The fishermen, a father with his 3 sons and their dog, were also a nice bunch so it was difficult to hold any grudge.

We set out around 11 and made quick progress to Nogent sur Seine. Here we had one of the best meals to date: we bought tomatoes, fresh bread, a good slice of compté, hand churned butter and strawberries and scoffed it all on the steps of the XV century église Saint-Laurent.

First day of sunshine after 2-3 wet days. The wind is still chilly, but with the heat of the sun it feels refreshing rather than unpleasant.

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Grace said...

Ha ha so they did show up!! This is so much better than Big Brother, thanks you two!!xxx

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