Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Flavigny sur Ozerain

We tend to alternate free camping with nights at campsites purely to have a shower. After staying in a great campsite in Venarey les Laumes last night, we are now free camping next to a vast wheat field. We are exhausted and today our mood has been flat. In contrast to our route, we’ve just climbed some of our steepest and longest hills, one of which took us to a stunning old village called Flavigny sur Ozerain. Just outside the ‘Anis de Flavigny’ sweet factory which makes this place famous, our bikes collided (well, it was more like I rode straight into Isla's arse and tumbled). As we picked ourselves off the ground thinking we had gone unnoticed we looked up. Ladies in yellow hairnets, busy making sweets in the olde kind o way were now trying to stifle laughs.

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