Friday, 14 May 2010

EvEniN oNd ShOrEs oFd LaKe oF miRror

Woke up at 7.30 and tried to reduce our decamping time. It still took 3 hours to leave. That was skipping breakfast but showering and doing a minimum of bicycle maintenance.

After the biggest slice of flan and tarte (these things are reaching gargantuan sizes) and a bit of bad humoured faffery the cycle computer fell on the floor. This was from less than 1 metre height but the silly thing still stopped working. I'm going to try and fix it tomorrow but I'm not hopeful. If not fixable it will be £40 down the drain (and it was reduced from £80). I feel like a bad review is coming its way: so expensive and totally unable to function in the real world? I don't think so!

Moving always changes things (or maybe it is us changing while moving through things?). It is easy to see how addicted one can become to the cycling itself. While pedalling all is fine, worries dissipate and the world opens up. The roads at the moment are great: undulating straights, swooping downhills, big horizons. All is joy to behold and ride through.

After a 24km start we spiralled our descent into medieval Provins, a town of turrets and cobbles. It was so nice just to stay put in a place and explore.

We got lost in photography: from the castle to side views of the ramparts, from windowpanes and doors to crackling paint on walls. From huge architecture to the tiniest detail, digicam makes us trigger-happy.

Tonight we are free camping by a lake. Camping sauvage in French, and by God do we feel savage with our chair kits and multifuel stove. The location is idyllic, but we are expecting a lot of fishermen to show up silly early in the morning. This is a carp night fishing hotspot apparently. We'll see.

Now I’m at my most content listening to an amazing array of birds, taking my gaze far off over the lake. And I hate to say it but our exped chair kits are really rather lovely.

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Sounds truly did the fishermen turn up?? xxx

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