Thursday, 20 May 2010


Long day pedalling. Woke up early hit the road by 9a.m. Had a crap coffee in a dingy bar, then went looking for another. In Blaisy Bas we found a patisserie which we cleaned out of the pain au raisins and pain au chocloat it had left (6).. breakfast in France can really be a pleasure. Soon after we stopped at a hotel with a proper coffee machine and had a good hit there while spending some time planning the day route. We realized we will not make Italy by Sunday, it might even be Wed/Thur depending on how we fare on the Alps.

Spending a day pushing it can be quite enjoyable, and caffeine helps lots. Of course having a ton of sweet pastry inside you is also a good boost for blood sugars and morale. Got me a sweet tooth in France which I think I'll keep to the end of the trip.

The landscape is very pleasing at the moment and the roads interesting. One of the nicest aspects of this country (and great help to a healthy state of mind) is that traffic is very limited in this country and drivers generally polite. We both feel safe on the road.

We are also enjoying the free camping side of our life. Because of the large spaces it's still very easy to find a spot for the night. In fact the only real reason to pay for a campsite at the moment is for the hot showers which, at the tune of 10.50€ a pop and very mild heat, seem hardly worth it. In the future we will be looking out for leisure centres as much as campsites. For 5€ each we can get a sauna and then find a free patch of grass somewhere else. Lateral thinking on the road.

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