Saturday, 29 May 2010

4m paVeD bUrg 2 cOBbLd bOrGo aCrOsS sNoWy pASs

With my mind racing wondering what might be, the whole process of heading up the pass was totally in the moment. We had been advised to start by going up the old route as there was less traffic. Great! The catch was the road was a near vertical climb and without the new Simplon road's sweeping curves we just headed straight up. It was a slow process taken in stages...legs giving way...stop...catch breath...wipe the sweat out of my eyes...drink...wobble back up the road. Eventually we met up with the new road. We found keeping our line straight with an over loaded bike nigh on impossible, really scary when there's loads of cars whizzing by. So yes, there was a lot of wobbling. About 3k from the top we had to pass through a series of tunnels. We tried to get out of it by following a track which went over the top of the first tunnel. That didn't work. Cycling through was risky because the road was very narrow with lots of blind bends, so we resorted to pushing our bikes through these damp hell holes with the amplified roar of traffic booming in our ears. The last tunnel was full of road works and traffic lights to regulate the alternate flow of traffic. Of course these were timed for fast cars, not slow bikes. So we had to create our own diversion up workmen's tunnels full of machinery, mud and collapsed walls. It was and experience I wouldn't want to repeat, but in a warped way I felt proud of doing it.

By the time we got to the top we had cycled above the snow line. I felt it was a bit of an anti-climax as there was no brass bands or welcoming party, just a nod from somebody in a car and an austere monument of an eagle looking down the valley.


The fricking freezing 30k decent was great. All I had to do was sit and watch the Alps fly by with a big smile on my face, oh and brake constantly all the way down into Italy.

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Grace said...

my heart was racing just reading that and then it fluttered braking all the way into Italy...brilliant, well done you two!!!xxx

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