Monday, 26 April 2010


So close now. We've been talking about this trip for at least two years and now, finally, it is all just a handful of days away. Lulled by Cole Pierce's selection of modern classical (check it here @ 52:55) my thoughts glide through the notes...

Mornings are worried these days. We wake up suddenly, as if there was something very important to do, late for work, or the day of an exam. From the depths of sleep our eyes open wide, hearts thumping, feels like jumping in a cold lake.

I don't think I am worried about leaving as much as about the things we still have to do. The list is not very long, just a few tedious tasks such as sorting out the attic space, packing and moving our tat, finding insurance for the house. And yet stuff needs to be sorted out, the last shackle. Then flight.

In retrospect I think we had too much time for planning this trip. If it wasn't for the necessity of saving enough money it would have been better to leave earlier. We even had time to check exactly what kind of electrical plug and converter we need for each country (this site is actually quite useful, should you ever fancy learning about the type of sockets used in Guinea-Bissau or Azerbaijan). Sure, this time allowed us to really scan for the absolutely best deals on everything we bought (and the kit list was ludicrously long), but in truth we could have left with half of the things we bought and fared just fine. On the other hand I know we will really be thankful for having thought of a foldaway-mini-latrine-pick-and-shovel, amongst the hundreds of other utterly necessary items. Of course we have not yet tried to pack, but the pile of things we are taking occupies quite a large space behind me, and that's not including all of the stuff behind the bedroom door. Day 1 will be quite a surprise, I'm sure.

May 8th, 2010. I have spent so much time dreaming about Day 1. Waking up from a restless night, going to Ground Tea & Coffee, cycling to Newhaven, boarding the ferry, waving our hands and blowing kisses goodbye... If you are in Brighton, it would be great to see you. Meet us in one of the nicest coffee houses in town (36 Saint George's Road, Kemp Town) then on to the ferry port at a leisurely pace.