Friday, 8 January 2010

You Rock

January is well under way, peeps have gone back to work (the lucky ones pretended to be snowed in instead) but the memory of a beautiful blue moon is still lingering...

And what a night it was!

Apparently the time of the largest of four minor lunar eclipses in 2009, the passage into 2010 was real spectacular. The response we've had from so many people has been extremely positive and we have to thank each and every one of you for making that night the glorious event that it was. After all we only provided a space, you are the ones who made it into a party. Having decided not to sell tickets in advance it was such a beautiful surprise to see our mystery guests turning up. A special thanks to the ones who journeyed over hills and valleys to reach us and celebrate the new year in this special place.

Thanks to you we have managed to reach the financial target we were aiming at. This means on our journey we will be able to rest our weary legs in warm sleeping bags in a proper tent, rather than under a skaggy blanket in a culvert under a road somewhere. Your money has also contributed towards the regeneration and evolution of Pop Up Studios. Hopefully your legacy will remain a long time.

And the thanks also have to be extended to all of the friends who, through their help and support turned a mere space into a platform and a stage onto which to play and have fun. Without Andy, Jon and Liz, Chiv and Howard, the DJs would have only been able to spin their records on sticks and although entertaining I reckon the novelty would have worn off early in the evening. Without Karn, Max, Nicoletta, Simon, Nick, Adam, Zebby and Danny the sound systems would have had no souls and no voices to sing with. Without Sally and Andy kids would have cried, and then adults would have cried and then everybody would have cried without Sally and Andy. Without Nick's clocks we wouldn't even have known what time it was and 2010 would've brushed by without us noticing. Without Raffaela our throats would have gone dry and conversations would have ground to a halt and we would have all remained still and silent in the long darkness. Without Doug and Dirk protecting the gates, all the creatures from the shadows would have swarmed in and the party full of ghouls and gremlins instead of the pure and ethereal beauty of you all (yeah, right ;-). Without Tess, Eloise and the Clayton Holt gang the rooms would have been threadbare and empty, our coats would have turned into rugs (and subsequently rags), the tea would've stayed cold water and soaked baggy and our spirits would've had no mixers. Thanks to Juliette and her bountiful bunting which turned hard blue steel into warm fluttery pink as well as her wiggles and jiggles behind the bar. Thanks also to Cosmo and crew for their performance as well as Sara for hers and everything else she did and does and always will be. Thank you to Charlotte and her continuous support, for being a wonderful host and lighting our spaces with smiles. Thanks to all the Pop Up Studios' crew for hosting the night, trusting us and letting us fly with it. Thank you Lexy and Alina for setting up the kiddie space and looking after the young ones. Thanks to Grace and Mike for bringing my momma safely home, and to my momma for having a good night of fun and frolics. Thanks to Mat. I actually can't come up with anything which would do you justice, brother of many adventures. Really, it's the silence between us that says it all.

And although these thanks come from both of us, I have a personal and special thank you to extend to my lover. Isla, who decided to spend her birthday at your service. Isla, without whom I'd be a disorganized and inconclusive tangle of pipe dreams. Isla, without whom my life would be a vacant valium void instead than a lush fantasy ripe with daring flights of fancy. Isla, my companion. Isla, my raison d'ĂȘtre. Isla, my muse. Thank you.

To the people who played the bagpipes. To the people who danced on the roof. To the people who stayed until dawn. To the people who came to perform and didn't. To the people who helped us clean up right after the fun. To the people who walked on the hills. To the people who saw the sun. Thank you.

Oh yeah, and towards the end of April there will be another one. A good-bye party this time, not a fund-raiser.

From us, to you.