Thursday, 3 December 2009

Our home has arrived

Yesterday we received a special delivery from the States and good old e-Bay: the tent we are going to spend a lot of nights in has just arrived. I reached Isla and Lyn at St. Ann's Well playground and despite the ominous looking weather we decided to pitch it up. Little Elfin loved it. She was running in and out of the tent smiling and singing away. It was great to see her having fun. And of course it was great to see the tent up.

It's a Hilleberg Nallo 3GT. Hilleberg because they have a reputation for being some of the top tent makers; Nallo 3GT because it has a very large vestibule and we decided that for an additional 200g the extra internal square meter (compared to the 2 person GT) was justified. After all this is going to be our home! The only issue I can see is that this is not a free-standing tent, and if we ever need to pitch on solid ground we are going to have a problem. Other than that, the build quality is obviously superior: from pegs to poles' manufacture, from air-vents to door position, it all shows consideration and attention to detail.

As soon as the tent was up it started raining. It was lovely to hear the sound of the droplets on the flysheet, and of course this amplified the desire to go... five more months, hang in there.

But really, we are ready!

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