Tuesday, 1 December 2009

It all starts with a party

We spent the last week-end cleaning up Pop-Up Studios. Two of the rooms we want to use for our fund raiser New Year bash were stuffed to the brim with all sorts of junk, mouldy carpets, rusty scaffolding poles, broken file folders, shattered glass, wet cardboard boxes, smashed toilets, etc. We filled a skip, and after the skip we started filling up a tat room. We pulled down the false ceiling of the top room to create a more spacious dance area, while stuffing the gaps between walls and tin roof with the rock-wool we had just extracted from above our heads. COUGH COUGH what a nasty itchy job. The 2kW sound system will get here on the 20th, and that should be plenty big enough for that size room for a good stomp (thanks Karn). Downstairs, in the Control Room, the job was a little easier, although here too we had to shift a lot of junk. Matt also managed to sort out the electrics so there are many plugs we can use all around the walls. Maybe we'll put together some withies and papier mache lanterns to create a bit of ambiance.

It's good to see the space coming together. When I first saw it I confess I did not feel too enthusiastic about it: the trash clouded my vision. This is odd as usually I get excited about the potential that places show (flat 5 being an obvious example), but for some reason the amount of work needed here kinda made me feel like I did not want to get involved. Instead, with some help from our friends (thanks Bex, Charlotte and Matt) the space is starting to really take shape.

It's difficult to let go of wanting to control everything that's going on in the place, where things are going to be, and how they are going to happen, but when I stop and listen generally good ideas are thrown my way. Lexy suggested we move the bar inside the chill out / live room so that people serving drinks can also participate and enjoy the shows rather than being shut away in a separate space. My gut reaction was to say nonononononono, I know how I want things and things are going to be this way. Instead I shut up, and realized Lexy was right. So now we've got a spare room to do things with.. maybe we'll use it a jolly well organized cloak room (wink wink Charlotte).

I am both worried and excited about this party (and I know Isla feels the same). Part of me wants to make sure this is a damn good event: good turnout, good entertainment, good times for all (and hopefully a decent amount of funds raised for the trip, but socially that is secondary). I would hate for people to not enjoy themselves and feel it's my responsibility to ensure they do. It's funny to think this is important: I know on this trip we will be faced with realities that make all this sound a bit.. inconsequential? But this is where I am now, and “socially” plays a big part in our lives here.

I am also very much liking working on a project with friends. That was the best part of the Sauna days and I really miss it. It's often surprising to see what a group of people on the same wavelength can pull together. I am looking forward to see how this one turns out.

Oh, and if you are reading this and have not been invited.. well, consider it your invitation to the party.

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Sara Popowa said...

YAY! and especially yay for working on projects w friends. love it and really look forward to the party and the preps in the days before :D

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